Cock and Pullet Bar and Grill restaurant

The Cock and Pullet Bar and Grill does not exist yet... but it will! If you'd like to build it, or if there is something you'd like added to this page Contact me! This domain is for sale.




Wednesday is Lady's Night at the Cock!

"C'mon, let's go to the Cock and Pullet !", "Who's playing at the Cock tonight?"

Our menu, "Eat Cock, Be Healthy" is a collector's item and available from your server! Take home a piece of the Cock.

  • Hot Cock Wings
  • Cream of Cock Soup
  • Succulent Cock on a Bed of Angel Hair Pasta
  • Pulled Cock on Hot Buttered Buns
  • Pullet Surprise (also known as 'popcorn surprise')
  • Frogs Legs (Well, they taste like cock!)

. .. of course, Quality is of the utmost importance because Nobody likes Bad Cock!

Actually, I'm just pulling your, er, leg. There is no Bar and Grill called The Cock and Pullet, but if there were, it would be an instant hit. All the necessary "Grand Opening" advertising would be paid for by the religious right; whose petitions and lawsuits would make the corner hang-out an instant national sensation!

Music: Seamus Moore with Catch Me Cock and Pullet